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Walking around Noordmolen Twickel

Noordmolen Twickel - Wandelroutes

After the visit to the Noordmolen, there is often interest in a walk in the immediate area. Twickel Estate is an ideal and beautiful area to take a walk. A long or short route, with a group, with children, with the dog, the possibilities are limitless.

The routes start and end at the Noordmolen, the lengths of the walks vary from 60 to 90 minutes. They show the most beautiful places on and around the estate. A set of four walks costs €1.50.


The mills of the Hof van Twente have joined forces and developed a website for cycling to the mills of the Hof van Twente. There are several routes available that pass several mills. There is also an overview of when which mills are open, so that you can also see the mills from the inside and usually in operation. The millers present provide explanations and can tell everything about the technology and history of their mill.

Go to www.molenfietsroute.nl or select the image below.


Cycling around Noordmolen Twickel

Noordmolen Twickel - Fietsknooppunt 74
The Twickel estate and the area around the Noordmolen are ideal for beautiful cycling routes. Cycling junction 74 is located at the Noordmolen. A nice starting or ending point for a cycling route.
Click here to reach bicycle junction 74 via the cycle junction planner. A 10-kilometre mountain bike route has been constructed across the Twente estate. You can download the route here.
Noordmolen Twickel has collaborated with Textiel Route Twente, Museum Bussemakerhuis, Wendezoele Museumboerderij and Landgoed Twickel has developed a cycling route of 34 kilometers that you can also shorten yourself. The route passes all the mentioned locations and other interesting places that are described, which you can download as an original or shortened route as a PDF or GPX via the banner below.
Noordmolen-Twickel Textielroute Borne Delden


The route owes its name to the German landscape architect Petzold who was active around 1890 to further embellish the estate of Baron van Heeckeren van Wassenaer. The path “envelops” the heart of the estate and gives an excellent impression of the diversity of the Twente landscape. The route takes the walker through the park landscape around the castle, the forests, the semi-open meadows of the Azelermeen, over a boardwalk through the Koematenveld nature reserve, over the vast Deldeneresch and through the old town of Delden.

Map of the Noordmolen area with the Umfassungsweg Twickel drawn.

Noordmolen-Twickel - Wandelen

The Umfassungsweg was largely constructed around 1890. Petzold died in 1891 and it is probably for that reason that the last part of the route was never built. The last part was recently realized with financial support from the province of Overijssel and the municipality of Hof van Twente, which includes two new footbridges over the provincial road. Very characteristic is that the route almost exclusively has flowing curves.

The Umfassungsweg is the only walking route on the estate that is marked with posts. The shape of the posts is inspired by the hunting posts of the estate. These originally sandstone posts were necessary to secure hunting rights on the estate.

Instructions for the walker: – the route starts at the visitor center / estate shop on Twickelerlaan – the route is best walked anti-clockwise by following the posts. – the signage is only clearly visible in that direction. – Due to the presence of livestock and fragile nature, dogs are not allowed on some parts of the route (even on a leash).

Download a simple route map here, published by the Twickel Foundation.

If you want to walk the Umfassungsweg with the route app on your phone, check out the Twickel website here.